NEW!!! 4 glazing (Low Uw-0.6)

Many Years of Experience

Quadruple glazed wooden windows are one of the most energy efficient windows in the market. It would make a fantastic addition to a Passivhouse project or a home looking to be as self-sustainable as possible.

Gallery Project

Quality Construction

The massive, 92 mm thick profile, laminated with selected wood – pine, meranti or oak (on request other wood species) provides excellent stability.
Waterborne, man friendly varnishes and impregnation applied in a separate manufacturing process, ensure the longevity of the four-layered window profile.
When combined with the warm glazing packages and intelligent fittings, we obtain a window of one of the highest thermal performance available on the market.
  • Energy efficient
  • Safety and security
  • Solar heat absorbent
  • Design versatility
  • Low manufacturing costs
  • High durability
  • 0.67U-value
  • 4Glazing layers
  • 32Sound reduction (dB)
  • 45Fire resistance (min)
  • 60Expected service life in years

Gallery Project