Modular Houses

Many Years of Experience

Our concept is based on the accommodations that can be used all year round. Where the standard is equivalent to traditional houses and apartments. We strive to give our customers the opportunity to create an accommodation just as they wish. Together, many different solutions have been developed to create a wide variety of choices in your choice of houses.
Our projects are our priority and they are made with the best of care. We offer our clients the best solutions to their preferences and according to their budget.

Gallery Project

Quality Construction

  • All our houses and models have permanent residence class as standard and comply with all accessibility requirements.
  • All electrical, plumbing and wet room work is carried out in accordance with prevailing international industry rules and regulatory requirements.
  • We meet fire and safety requirements
  • Our factory works hand in hand with our design team that can help you tailor a house if you have unique needs.
  • Delivery to all of Sweden and other countries in Europe.
  • Transport costs of houses is included in all our prices.
  • We deliver all year round and are flexible to suit your needs.
  • We only work with environmentally friendly and quality-proof material.