Modular Buildings


Our Spatial Solutions are Suprising

REM portacabin containers quickly and efficiently solve spatial problems. They are available as office and sanitary containers or as a combination of both. Our living containers meet high technical standards and are distinguished by top quality and perfect appearance. We have designed several types of designs that can be adapted to the wishes and needs of our customers.

Fast and Effecient Spatial Solutions

Office containers offer a comfortable living environment, as for the construction we use only natural and environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled after the end of their life. At the customer's request, we can provide additional equipment and furniture, and the containers can be partitioned with partitions. Immediately after installing it on an adequately hardened substrate and connecting to the mains, they can be used without additional work.
Sanitary containers are equipped with all necessary plumbing, therefore they allow easy connection to the water supply and sewerage network. The built-in equipment can be adapted from our wide range to the requirements of customers.