Multi Storey Timber Panel Houses

Many Years of Experience

WWL Multi Storey Panel houses are so well designed that they are perfectly suitable for wide range purposes – as simple apartments for students, holiday accommodations, can easily be transformed into multistory buildings. These house can be easily transported and assembled in urban, regional and remote areas.

Gallery Project

Quality Construction

A Modular home is built of modules or space elements. The floors, walls and the ceilings of the modules are assembled in the factory, they are finished with the customer’s desired level and weatherproof boxes are taken to the construction site.
Completed at Factory:
  • mounted all doors and windows
  • completed up to 95% of the interior finish of the rooms (including installation of ceramic tiles and floor coverings)
  • completed most exterior finishing works (in the case of light exterior finish materials)
  • built all piping and cable systems within the confines of a prefab module – electricity, water, sewerage, ventilation, communications, security alarm, TV, fire sprinkler system, etc,
  • installed all bathroom fixtures and fittings – faucets, toilets, bathtubs, sinks, shower cabins, etc.
  • installed kitchen and bathroom furniture and home appliances.

Do the Job Quickly

Factory-produced prefab modules are transported to a construction site and mounted on the foundation to form a single building.Trucks and ships are used for transportation.